I had the opportunity to speak with a number of Veeam’s partners while visiting the show floor at the company’s user conference, VeeamON 2018. I’m only going to comment on one or two of the conversations, not on all of the partners that were presenting.


SoftNAS was presenting its technology and discussing how it works closely with Veeam to provide the ability to backup data objects. My former IDC colleague, John-Marc Clark is now VP of Marketing for SoftNAS. After a round of “where have you been and what have you been doing” that is an absolute requirement, we spoke about what SoftNAS is doing. Several other long-time friends are working at the company as well. SoftNAS is currently focusing on the following areas and appears to be helping enterprises bring cloud storage into their IT portfolio in a well-thought-out and simple approach. Here is a quick summary of what the company is doing:

  • Cloud enable primary and secondary storage — technology designed to control data across locations and storage types with SoftNAS Cloud®, a high-performance, dedicated environment that consolidates on-premises file servers in the cloud.
  • Migrate workloads and applications to the cloud — SoftNAS Cloud can be used as a mechanism to move live production data to the cloud. It can also synchronize application data changes to allow enterprises to move applications to the cloud at their own pace. It also supports Amazon AWS DirectConnect and Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Make hybrid cloud computing environments a useful computing environment —By aggregating content from multiple locations using many-to-one replication. This makes it possible to centralize access and assure that there is “a single version of truth” for analytics.
  • And, of course, making it possible to store Veeam backups in the cloud.

It was good to have the time to chat with Clark. We will speak again in the near future to discuss upcoming product announcements.


Datrium is focusing on how to converge functions that many times are distributed into many server appliances into a small number of highly intelligent Hyperconverged systems. The company has developed an DVX, an architecture that supports on- and off-premise operations in a highly efficient fashion. The company is offering a very creative approach that makes it easy to combine industry standard, X86-based, servers with flash storage to support a very high performance, scalable computing environment.

Many other suppliers

Dell/EMC, ExaGrid, HPE, IBM, Microsoft and a number of other vendors who are partners of Veeam are at the show as well. While I found them interesting, they weren’t discussing anything new at this event.