Kusnetzky Group analysts author research, insight and opinion based upon in-depth conversations with both suppliers and their customers. Here are a few examples concerning Hyper-converged (HC) Systems and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications:

VVolsContinuous AvailabilityIntegrating HCHyper_V and HCHybrid CloudsMonitoring SaaS

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Enterprises face a challenge making the best use of virtualized storage in a VMware environment. VMware Virtual Volumes represent a part of the solution. DataCore Software’s software-defined storage completes the solution and makes self-provisioning of virtual storage a reality.


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Distributed enterprises with numerous remote offices and branch offices (ROBO) face unique needs for reliability, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Industries such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services often speak of those challenges.

Integrating hyper-converged systems

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Hyper-converged systems introduce an attractive new way to share internal storage among clusters of servers in a compact, cost effective configuration. The challenge these systems pose is that most deny access to valuable storage resources that the enterprise already has in place. This limitation creates data silos which can result in wasted space and a need to over provision storage overall.
In this paper KG explores how DataCore Software integrates hyper-converged systems with existing SANs and Cloud storage to unify the data infrastructure across an enterprise, measurably reduce costs and simplify data sharing and data protection.

Hyper-converged Hyper-V paper

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Hyper-converged Solutions for ROBO, VDI and Transactional Databases Using Microsoft Hyper-V and DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN — Microsoft Hyper-V together with DataCoreā„¢ Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software represent an appealing and low cost foundation for consolidating compute, storage and networking facilities in small, off-the-shelf x86 servers. The hyper-converged solution reduces complexity, tames management issues and minimizes overall costs associated with supporting a variety of challenging IT environments.

Hybrid cloud paper

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Hybrid Clouds – The most practical solution — Moving from established monolithic applications to a more agile cloud computing architecture can be an important way to address enterprise business requirements without also making it necessary or even wise to move IT functions into a cloud service provider’s data center. Adopting a hybrid on-premise/off-premise computing environment using some services offered by cloud service providers may be the most practical approach going forward.

SaaS paper

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Addressing the top worries of monitoring SaaS applications — Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, such as, Office356, Microsoft Dynamics or Athena Health, hold out the promise of both being the replacement for enterprise applications and the platform for future development. Moving in that direction is the goal of organizations seeking to reduce their overall cost of doing business and to increase their level of agility when dealing with the rapidly changing market.