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Kusnetzky Group just published a paper ” Self-provisioning storage across all of your devices with VMware Virtual Volumes and DataCore Software” focused on virtual storage in a VMware computing environment. This paper focuses on how DataCore Sofware’s software defined storage technology can enhance VMware’s Virtual Volumes.

Some observations

Kusnetzky Group observes that most enterprises have purchased s systems and storage to support individual applications. These assets were acquired over a long period of time – forcing IT to manage 3 to 5 year old storage. As they have moved to more virtualized environments in the attempt to optimize the use of their IT resources and to reduce their overall IT spending, this diversity has created problems.

The IT admin storage dance

Enterprises that have adopted these VMware-based virtual environments often learn that some of their problems have been magnified while others have been reduced. Administrators for vSphere and storage find themselves in a time-consuming, complex dance each time a change is needed.

VMware addresses part of the challenge

VMware is aware of this challenge and has introduced technology designed to simplify the environment. VMware calls this technology VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols). VVols focuses on the needs of the application rather than the underlying infrastructure. This change of viewpoint results in making it possible for storage to be policy driven and more agile. VM storage consumption can be dynamically adjusted in real time allowing VM storage use to grow or shrink, as needed. This welcome addition to the VMware portfolio has addressed some, but not all, of the issue.

Issues still remain

The paper examines the problems enterprises face when trying to use these tools across storage vendors and how the adoption of DataCore Software’s software-defined storage technology can address VVol challenges.

The paper can be downloaded here.

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