Kusnetzky Group marketing professionals have developed and implemented entire marketing campaigns for hardware, software and service providers.

These professionals have decades of experience in delivering concise and accurate competitive analysis. The Kusnetzky Group has deep expertise in the areas of open source software, system software, virtualization and cloud computing.

Kusnetzky Group team members have helped IT suppliers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and many other top companies deliver their products and services using traditional and non-traditional approaches. These companies have deployed eBooks, papers, presentations, videos, podcasts and other content developed by members of the Kusnetzky Group team.

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“Dan has been a great sounding board for Lanamark from the very beginning, always offering insightful feedback and blogging about our products and services. We highly recommend Dan and his team at The 451 Group, particularly to companies in the virtualization space.” October 11, 2010

Mark Angelo, Founder and CEO, Lanamark Inc.

“Dan is one of the absolute best at explaining the most complex technical solutions in terms that business people will understand. This ability tied with his strong technical background, outstanding writing abilities and presentation skills to attract any audience put Dan at the top of his game. It’s been a pleasure to work with such a professional for many, many years.” October 2, 2006

Bill Peterson, Director, Page One PR

“As an IT industry analyst, I found Dan representation of Open-Xchange to be refreshing crisp. Dan understands the technical, business and analytics of messaging. At the same time, he is approachable, as evidenced by his strong client focus.” September 19, 2006

Maurene Caplan Grey, Founder, Principal Analyst, Grey Consulting