Kusnetzky Group analysts publish custom eBooks as an effective way to present research, analysis and the resulting opinions. KG has learned that eBooks are an effective tool when creating content-based marketing programs for its clients.

Making the IT Decision seriesHybrid Clouds
Making the IT Decision

Making the IT Decision

Kusnetzky Group analysts interview IT decision makers to learn more about the process they used to select a product or service, what alternatives they considered, why they chose a specific product, what benefit they’ve received and what advice they would offer others.

The Making the IT Decision series of eBooks is available on the Kindle library.

Hybrid Clouds - The Practical Choice

Hybrid Clouds – The Practical Choice

Moving from established monolithic applications to a more agile cloud computing architecture can be an important way to address enterprise business requirements without also making it necessary or even wise to move IT functions into a cloud service provider’s data center. Adopting a hybrid on-premise/off-premise computing environment using some services offered by cloud service providers may be the most practical approach going forward.