Red Hat’s view of where and how Containers and VMs should work together

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Gunnar Hellekson, Red Hat‘s director of Product Management for Linux and Virtualization, sent some thoughts on where and how containers and virtual machine software fit. I’ve shamelessly lifted some of his thoughts for this article. DK: When you’re speaking with … Continue reading →

A conversation with Red Hat’s Gunnar Hellekson about Containers

Red Hat‘s Gunnar Hellekson, Director of Product Management, came by to discuss where different types of processing virtualization technology fit in today’s data centers. Although at first I thought I was going to hear a discussion of how Containers, a … Continue reading →

New Kusnetzky Group paper on self-provisioning and VVols is available!

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Kusnetzky Group just published a paper ” Self-provisioning storage across all of your devices with VMware Virtual Volumes and DataCore Software” focused on virtual storage in a VMware computing environment. This paper focuses on how DataCore Sofware’s software defined storage … Continue reading →

Nutanix enhances performance and management

Nutanix has recently announced a new version of its software. This announcement includes: A new version of Acropolis 4.6, it’s enhanced version of KVM virtual machine software technology, designed to improve performance. An improved version of its Acropolis App Mobility … Continue reading →