triCerat simplifies printing, scanning and profile management for virtual environments

Vasilios Peros, President & General Counsel of triCerat, Inc.; and his colleague; Eric Musgrave, VP of Product Management, stopped by to discuss screwdrivers, scanect, and the simplify family of tools for virtual environments. The company's stated goal is to enhance printing, scanning and user profile management for Windows workloads.

triCerat is one of a few suppliers that have examined the problems posed by mundane, but very important, parts of an IT environment and developed tools making it possible for encapsulated, highly mobile Windows workloads to print and scan content. triCerate isn't alone in this market segment. It competes with capabilities offered by suppliers such as Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and Cortado.

This might be categorized as a set of products that fit into the management of virtualized environments segment of the Kusnetzky Group model of virtualization (see Sorting out the different layers of virtualization for more information on the model.)

IT developers and architects often overlook how placing workloads into virtual environments can complicate these simple, but important, functions. Suppliers such as triCerat are focused on providing simple solutions. 

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