Is Nasuni unified storage for you?

Nasuni, a supplier of storage appliances that access cloud storage as a service offerings, has just launched an expanded service offering and new storage appliances. They're calling this combination "Unified Storage." This offering addresses the storage needs of distributed and remote offices. It moves beyond file-level access and offers block-level access. The company also announced a new generation of storage appliances and active customer support.

What Nasuni is saying about its announcement

  • All-in-One Storage for Remote Offices: With the inclusion of block storage to Nasuni’s award-winning file storage system, remote offices now have a complete solution that delivers primary storage, backup, and offsite protection for both files and blocks – making all other storage or protection systems redundant.
  • Multi-Office File Access: Nasuni uses built-in synchronization to deliver shared access to all data in every office, extending the reach of office-specific expertise and knowledge across the entire firm. Distributed teams can work together and increase productivity with local performance.
  • Simplified Management of Storage Infrastructure: No matter where data is located or how fast the storage demands are growing, the entire Nasuni system can be managed and controlled from headquarters. Unlike traditional storage and protection systems, there is no need to have local IT staff to manage remote office storage.
  • Unlimited and On-Demand Scalability: Setting up a new remote office is as easy as installing a new Nasuni appliance. Within minutes, the new office has complete access to the entire storage volume, no matter how many terabytes it may be. And with Nasuni, IT can provision multiple terabytes instantly, without needing to change the physical infrastructure, which gives organizations the ability to easily address and solve the explosive growth of file data.
  • Perpetual Access and Complete Protection: Personnel at multiple offices can access files stored on Nasuni forever, and they are always secure. Files are encrypted at the client site and only the customer holds the encryption keys. Plus, all files are protected by Nasuni’s 100% availability guarantee, which is backed by the industry’s most stringent SLA.
  • Anti-Virus Protection: New with this release, Nasuni has integrated open-source anti-virus protection into its appliance, adding to Nasuni’s data protection capabilities which already include automatic backup, data encryption and instant disaster recovery.

Nasuni also announced a more powerful hardware appliance, which customers implement on-site as part of the Nasuni solution. With more than six times the number of spindles, twice as much RAM and two processors, the new model can support three times the workload of the previous model and is designed for larger branch offices and small data centers.

Finally, Nasuni is introducing Active Customer Support, which enables customers to give Nasuni direct access the Nasuni appliance to troubleshoot issues and fix problems in the local infrastructure. Every transaction is logged, and Nasuni has access only during the window specified by the customer.

Snapshot analysis

Nasauni has been promoting cloud storage as a service for a number of years and has been offering a storage appliance allowing customers to safely and securely use this type of service. While the company's offerings have been well received, they focused on file-level access.

This wasn't sufficient for applications designed for block-level access. Backup, archival storage and disaster recovery solutions often required the ability to access storage on a block-by-block basis.

Nasuni has been working on offering block-level access for quite some time. Block-level access requires a higher level of caching sophistication so that applications can achieve performance levels near those obtained through the use of local storage servers. It appears that the company has found the key to that door.

Nasuni, in this announcement, is also addressing customer requests for storage appliances with a higher level of scalability.

If your company is looking for a way to use cloud storage solutions as a way to reduce overall costs, it would be well worth the time to see a demonstration of Nasuni's cloud storage solution.

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