Embotics V-Commander 4.0 supports priviate cloud initiatives

Embotics introduced me to V-Commander 4.0 which took a product designed to manage, provision and automate physical and virtual environments and extended it to do the same for private clouds. The key to Embotics' efforts is making this complex set of tasks easy.

What does Embotics say about V4.0?

V-Commander 4.0 enables customers to quickly overcome traditional stall points introduced by highly dynamic virtual data centers. Enterprises need to scale their management and automation capabilities at the same rate as their virtualization adoption, and with limited or fixed resources and staffing levels, automation becomes a requirement. V-Commander 4.0 addresses the wide range of private cloud adoption challenges by offering rapid provisioning, self-service, service catalogs, IT costing and chargeback, workflow automation, resource optimization, and lifecycle management capabilities.

V-Commander 4.0 includes the following new features:

  • Self-service catalogs
  • Automation of IT service and change requests
  • Embedded approval workflows and best practices
  • Integrated IT cost visibility and chargeback
  • Wizard-driven provisioning
  • Intelligent placement of IT services/virtual machines (VMs)
  • Tracking, auditing and reporting on service delivery

Snapshot analysis

Companies hoping for some of the benefits tauted for cloud computing environments have begun to reorganize their computing environment so that it offers the self-service creation, provisioning, management and automation capabilities offered by cloud computing suppliers. This can be quite tricky because most, if not all, of their workloads, processes and procedures were not designed for this type of environment. Embotics thinks that it has the tools to make this transistion easy. After speaking with a number of Embotics users over the years, I would believe that the company can do what it says.

When I speak with companies using Embotics products, I'm struck by how often I hear a comment similar to "it is very easy to use." It appears that Embotics has found the right mix of power, capability and ease of use. This product is very likely to produce similar comments as companies move some of their workloads into a cloud-like environment hosted on-premises.   

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