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Dan Kusnetzky, well-known author and industry analyst, founded Kusnetzky Group LLC, in 2006. KG is an IT industry research firm that offers written publications and analysis for IT users, business and technology leaders and venture capitalists. The company offers years of experience in technology and well researched analytics to help both suppliers and and users of technology make better purchasing and operational decisions.

Publications and strategic counsel from Kusnetzky Group analysts provide an overview of technology markets, including systems software, virtualization and cloud computing, opinion and commentary about the workings of that market, review of vendors, technology and products in the market and from time to time, a view into the KG crystal ball for predictions about future trends.

We can help you make the best technology decisions through an expanded understanding of the competitive environment and use of KG strategies to make technology a useful tool for your business.

Kusnetzky Group LLC offers a range of services ranging from strategic counsel, outsourced management functions (product management, product marketing and competitive analysis) as well as custom content designed for Internet and social media marketing.